PVC Cards in Dubai, UAE

PVC Cards in Dubai

The name might sound unfamiliar but we are sure that you must have come across PVC cards at different points in time. PVC is nothing but Poly vinyl chloride which is a strong variant of plastic.

The flexibility and durability of PVC cards make it the supreme choice for making ID/Access cards.

Photographs, text and various graphics required to keep your business secure can easily be printed on to PVC cards.

PVC cards can be incorporated with both visual and digital security by combining photographic and holographic identification along with magnetic stripes, smart chips or RFID proximity communication.

As one of the leading PVC Cards printing company in UAE, we offer various encoding options in PVC cards which include-

  • Barcode encoding – The most convenient way to store data and can be printed using basic software.
  • Magnetic stripes – Require specialized software and technology that make it more sophisticated.
  • Smart chips and RFID encoding – Data is stored within card chip components and is capable of holding 100 times more data as compared to magnetic stripes.
  • Proximity cards – These are mainly used for access control. These cards are contactless and when placed near card reader, can unlock doors.

Features that make PVC cards desirable

  • Durability and flexibility
  • Ease in manufacturing
  • Cost effective

Apart from above mentioned direct benefits, using PVC access cards in your office/workspace premises can boost the image of your company.

If you are planning to print your company security onto PVC cards, please reach out to us.