Lanyards Suppliers

Lanyards Suppliers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE

Lanyards Suppliers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE

Widenetme top Lanyards Suppliers in Dubai. When establishing a business, you must find several advertising tactics in order to reach the widest potential audience. Branded items are a great way to raise awareness of your company among huge groups of people. Our personalized lanyards are an excellent method to advertise to everyone passing by your establishment.

 We are a leading dealer and supplier of high-quality Neck Lanyards. Lanyards are made using high-quality raw materials and advanced machines in accordance with industry regulations and rules. Get the best deals from Lanyards Suppliers in Dubai

 We have a huge selection of lanyards to suit every requirement. We offer the lanyards we make at special wholesale rates. Choose from our collection of ID lanyards because we offer a huge number of styles, colors, and sizes to match your needs. Whether you need budget-friendly blank lanyards or ones that are specially printed, we offer the lowest prices on neck lanyards and back them up with a price-match guarantee. If you’d like a lanyard with a logo or other design on it, we may make one specifically for you. Investing in top-notch lanyards is essential for making a lasting impression. We are able to provide you with this assurance because we use the best technology and raw materials for producing lanyards.

We offer variety of customized lanyards for office lanyards, hospitals lanyards, Event lanyards and schools etc. We offer the largest verities of lanyard supplier in Widenetme. Different type of levels of thicknesses and different options of material, our branded lanyards are suitable for carrying multiple items with like name tags, badges, keys and other small items.

Office staff, teachers and outdoor employees will love our lanyards these as promotional gifts during exhibitions. We offer free delivery services for 1st time buyers.

We offer Printed logo on lanyards and share at promotional events and shows in Dubai, Abu Dhabi -UAE. We only use re-usable plastic vinyl pouch to keep content safe and secure according to UAE law. We manufacture light but strong our lanyards are designed to be strong, premium quality and practical.

Our team is always available to assist you in your choice of promotional lanyards and provide you with wholesale discounts on your orders.


  • Lightweight lanyards
  • Strong material
  • Anti-allergic
  • Anti-fade
  • Anti-tear
  • Company Logo printing
  • Premium quality

Widenet provides all kinds of lanyards, available in various widths, styles, and colors with your choice of closure and attachment type. Additionally we can provide safety breakaway lanyards, reflective and glow-in-the-dark lanyards, earth-friendly lanyards, multicolor lanyards, colored lanyards, adjustable lanyards, printed lanyards, and more.


  • Width: 10, 15 , 20 mm
  • 4×4 color customized printing
  • Both side printing option.
  • Vivid Colors
  • Sharp result for small fonts and graphics.
  • Closet match to Pantone shades.
  • Edge to edge Printing.


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    Code: LBH-01

    1. High Quality 20mm Flat Polyester Lanyards with
    2. Hook and Black Buckle at the base.
    3. Printing: Sublimation, Screen Printing.
    4. Used – Hospital, clinic, school, events and collage etc


    Code: LBH-02

    1. High Quality 20mm Flat Polyester Lanyards
    2. Hook, black buckle at the base, mobile holder attachment & Safety breakaway on the back.
    3. Printing: Sublimation / Screen Printing.
    4. Used – Hospital, clinic, school, events and collage etc.


    Code: LBH-03

    1. When it comes to the best quality in Lanyards, with ultimate in quality.
    2. Dual coloured lanyard
    3. Buckle and Safety Breakaway Clip on the back
    4. Printing: Sublimation / Screen Printing.
    5. Used – Hospital, clinic, school, events and collage


    Code: LBH-04

    1. High-Quality Rope Lanyards with Disk on the bottom.
    2. Ideal for Branding a Doming Resin Label with multi-color.
    3. Used – Hospital, clinic, school, events and collage etc.


    Code: LBH-05

    1. Plastic Safety Breakaway.
    2. White Disk with built-in Clip to hold the PVC ID Securely.
    3. Branding by Direct UV or Doming on the disk.
    4. Used – Hospital, clinic, school, events and collage etc.


    Code: LBH-06

    1. 20mm wide smooth Thick HD Lanyard.
    2. Easier branding by Sublimation on White and Screen Printing on coloured lanyards.
    3. Safety Breakaway on the back.
    4. Used – Hospital, clinic, school, events and collage etc.

    Satin lanyards are both attractive and functional for holding ID cards.  Lanyards feature a velvety texture, are easy to personalize and are perfect for screen printing your company’s logo. Furthermore, the satin fabric is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear. These silkscreen-printed satin lanyards are available in a variety of colors and are highly durable due to their satin construction. They are manufactured and printed in 2 to 5 working days.

    Lanyards can be customized to your specifications. Simply select your fabric width, color, and fitting, and then give us your artwork. We provide a large selection of colored lanyards and a variety of attachments to meet the needs of our customers. Give us a call today!


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