Fargo DTC1250 Card Printer Dubai

Fargo DTC1250 model card printer Dubai

The Fargo DTC1250 model card printer is intended for small offices, schools, and local governments with a small budget. It is Fargo’s entry level direct to card thermal transfer printer for those requiring either color printing or two-sided card printing. Fargo DTC 1250 is one of the fastest printers in its class available in the market and delivers high quality output with simple initial setup.

The base model of the printer available in single-sided, color card printing. You can be upgrade it as per your needs like dual-sided card printing, magnetic strip encoding and smart card encoding. Additionally, you can add an Ethernet or wireless interface to this printer to connect it directly to your network.

Fargo DTC1250e – Common FAQs

Q: Does the Fargo DTC1250e print on both sides of the card?

A: Yes. The particular model printer is available in both single and dual-sided models in the market. If you require dual-sided printing, you will need either a dual-sided printer or you can flip the card and print again in the single side printer manually.

Q: Are cards and printer ribbons included?

A: Unfortunately not. All consumables are sold separately.

Q: How do I install the printer to my computer?

A: You can easily complete the installation of Fargo DTC1250e to your computer with the USB provided. Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity are available as upgrades modules.

Q: Can the DTC1250e handle hard designs and solid colors?

A: Considering the DTC technology printer, the Fargo DTC1250e is suitable for those having a simple card design, so block colors is no more available in the design option.

Q: Does the Fargo DTC1250e print over-the-edge of card?

A: DTC technology printers do not print completely over the edge of a card, as doing so it could damage the printhead. Therefore, a small part of plain white border is left around the sides of the card surface, to prolong the printer’s lifespan.


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