Magnetic Stripe cards

Use of Magnetic Stripe Cards UAE

WIDENET FZC can offer Premium quality Hico or Loco Magnetic Stripe Cards for various requirements like Room Key Cards, Membership Cards and Loyalty Cards.  Hico / Loco Cards can be determined by the type of reader which the customer used.

We use magnetic stripe cards are encoded with a top and stronger magnetic field that enhances them more powerful.
We have top qulity of HiCo and LoCo Magstripes Cards. We all slso provide magnetic cards in whole sale price in Dubai,UAE

Use of Magnetic Stripe Cards

  • Used in debit and credit cards for banking sectors
  • Loyalty programs
  • Membership cards to monitor the entry
  • Tickets issued for transportation operations
  • Used in Parking lots for monitoring the vehicles
  • Used Access Keys in hotels
  • Companies for tracking the working hours

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