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Use of Magnetic Stripe Cards UAE

At WIDENET FZC, we’ve got some super awesome magnetic stripe cards just for you. Whether you need cards for your room key, membership, or even a loyalty program, we have the perfect cards for every need. So, what’s the difference between HiCo and LoCo cards? Let’s dive in!

HiCo vs. LoCo Cards – What’s the Scoop?

First up, HiCo cards! These are like the superheroes of magnetic stripe cards. They’re really strong and don’t get messed up easily. If you need a card that lasts a long time and stays safe from those sneaky magnets, HiCo is the way to go. These cards have a powerful magnetic field, which helps keep the information inside them super secure.

On the other hand, LoCo cards are a bit more chill. They’re perfect for things that don’t need to be super tough. LoCo cards are great for short-term use or when you want to save some cash. They have a lighter magnetic field, making them less durable but still useful.

Why We’re the Best

At WIDENET FZC, we make sure our HiCo and LoCo cards are top-notch. We work hard to provide the best quality cards that won’t let you down. Plus, if you’re buying lots of cards, we offer great wholesale prices right here in Dubai, UAE. Isn’t that awesome?

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Want to learn more about our fantastic cards? Or maybe you want to get a quote? Just reach out to us at WIDENET FZC. We’re excited to help you find the perfect cards for your needs.

Use of Magnetic Stripe Cards

  • Used in debit and credit cards for banking sectors
  • Loyalty programs
  • Membership cards to monitor the entry
  • Tickets issued for transportation operations
  • Used in Parking lots for monitoring the vehicles
  • Used Access Keys in hotels
  • Companies for tracking the working hours

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