Turnstile Gates


Widenet is involved in bringing forth the customer a whole range of Turnstile Gates which includes Full Height Turnstile, Waist High Turnstile, Crowd Control Gates, Handicap Accessible Security Gates, Optical Turnstiles and High-Security Gates all over the Middle East.

All our offered Turnstile Gates are manufactured by well-known brands in the market. As the best turnstile gates suppliers in UAE, we always ensure maximum quality, durability and reliability of turnstiles to meet the worldwide quality standards. Our Turnstile Access Control Systems are widely used in the airports, ports & harbors, subway station, bus station, amusement parks and allied areas .for the security purposes across the Middle East and UAE.


Turnstile is a mechanical gate used for high security, which allows only one person at a time to pass. Different types of turnstiles are available in the market such as Full Height Turnstile, Waist High Turnstile, Flap Barrier, Crowd Control Gates, High-Security Gates and Handicap Accessible Security Gates.

Why Turnstile Gates?

In the electronic door access control system, when the visitor presents the credentials to the reader, it transfers the credential to the access control panel to verify the given credentials with the access list to grant or deny permission to the visitor.

  • 1. Designed for High Traffic Flow – Turnstiles can be used in a mass transit station like stadiums, amusement parks, airports, office lobbies, resorts and casinos where people flow are more and it makes the access easier with two side accesses.
  • 2. Paid Access – Turnstiles are mainly used for Paid Access that can allow only the people who insert a coin, a ticket, a pass, or similar
  • 3. Handicap Access – Separate access can be given for Disabled People who find difficult to use other access control system.
  • 4. Space Constraints – Maximum space is not required when it comes to Turnstile Access. No need of door and ultimate security is obtained using minimum space.
  • 5. Outdoor & Indoor Application – Turnstiles can be used in all outdoor & indoor application where doors are not required to integrate.

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