Fargo Electronics, Inc. founded in 1974 Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a global leader in the development of safe technologies for identity card issuance systems, including secure ID card printer/encoders, materials and software with more than 40 years track record of success

Customers and Application

The company has sold huge quantity of systems in the worldwide. Fargo card issuance systems reduce vulnerabilities and the potential loss of time, money and lives by continually improving their innovative security of identity credentials.

Customers of card identity systems produce personalized cards for a wide variety of user applications as follows:-

In the Corporate sector, employee identification, Access control, time and attendance tracking, parking passes, overtime payment and visitor management.

Education sector, Faculty and student identification, stored value for canteen, bookstores, library cards and school transportation.

Transportation: Passes for daily and monthly in public transportation like bus and train, airport security, employee identification.


Fargo is the one and only manufacturer to offer three distinct printing technologies: High Definition Printing (HDP-reverse image) for high-level security and large applications particularly when smart cards are used. Direct-to-Card (DTC-dye-sublimation) is most commonly used ID card printing technology for SME level security applications and CardJet printing. A familiar outdated inkjet technology for low level security and entry level applications.

Fargo’s continues innovative developmental approach allows easy integration of new technologies into existing systems, therefore, their functional roles are at the highest and they reached most efficient level as possible. They also invests substantial resources in product development and now has 70 patents issued or approved, with 60+ additional patent applications pending in the U.S.