Pre-printed cards

Pre Printed Cards In Dubai, Abu Dhabi – UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, WIDENET FZC is one of the major suppliers of preprinted cards. It also known as Loyalty Cards, Points Cards, Rewards Cards, Discount Cards and Membership Cards

Main Features

  • Exceptional Print Quality
  • Less expensive for huge Print Jobs
  • Reduce Time & Stress
  • Static Card Design with small personalization
  • Personalize Later with an ID Card Printer

These cards are specially created and may include a variety of extra features as needed. The offset PVC printing technology used for plain PVC cards, cards with magnetic stripes, RFID, Mifare cards, etc. At the time of manufacture, special shapes, data customization, and various security elements can be added. The key benefit is that it is more affordable and takes less time to produce large quantities than standard desktop printing. Personalization can be UV DOD, Thermal Printing, Embossing, Ink Jet, QR Code, and Laser Engraving, Magnetic Encoding, Colored Magnetic stripes etc.

Perfect for gift cards, Member Cards, VIP Cards, Magnetic Stripe Card, Transparent Cards, Silver / Gold Cards, Insurance Cards, Warranty Cards, Hotel Key Cards, Signature panel Cards

Perfect for Security ID Cards, Hologram, Micro text, UV Ink, Guilloche, Magnetic Stripe with text, Laser vs. Thermal, OVI Ink, Holographic Overlay, Hot Stamping.

Perfect for Special Shape Cards, small card, XXL Card, Punching Shapes, Punching Holes, combi cards, 2 Key tags Standard, Luggage cards, CR100 cards

Pre- printed cards

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