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Radio frequency identification – RFID Tag enabled cards are the new generation form of data transaction. RFID Tag cards are handy, easy to use with tap and go technology Radio Frequency Identification, RFID cards, send electromagnetic signals to their sensors to communicate a pre-specified message.

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Widenet is the best RFID solution providers in Dubai, UAE. RFID tags are used in Artificial Intelligence to make applications at ease. We, Widenet are the best RFID card providers in UAE.


Major Applications


  • Identification cards -Deploying such tags as identity cards are currently in trend. Rfid tags are secure and reliable.
  • Access cards- Employees are usually provided such tags with their identity cards. It’s easy to access and useful. RFID tags are touch-sensitive. Security is double-bonded with the RFID administration. Your office space is a dynamic place of work and it requires fast-paced security access and the way to go is a widenet RFID tagged cards. With our RFID solution, your premises become hassle-free as well as secure becomes bliss.
  • Payment cards -Payments are also getting revolutionized, Rfid cards are the face of cashless payments, if your business deals with finance our Rfid Payments are also getting revolutionized, RFID cards are the face of cashless payments. If your business deals with cashless payments, our RFID solutions are the best to choose in Dubai.


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  • We provide continuous support right from the initial inquiries, design the solution and post-sale support as well.
  • Our products are flawless and trustworthy.
  • Security is our passion

Make your premises smart and secured with Widenet RFID tagged cards now! Your business will reach on top-notch with the wings of our flawless multi options. Contact now to know more.


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