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Widenetme is a regional top leading providers for identity management solutions leveraging smart cards , fargo ribbon , access control system ,I D card printer , PVC cards and biometric technologies etc  in all over in UAE.

Widenetme specialize as an end-to-end identity management solutions provider and  system integrator in corporate, banking , Education, Civil ID, transport, and defense sectors in UAE.



Our Concern is 360 o Security

Our Device Can Protect Your Premises

Our Concern is Protecting Your Premises By Simply Using CCTV And Door Access Control System. We Can Provide Various Brand Access Control Systems In UAE.

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360o Coverage

For Total Coverage

Captures Movements

Motion Detection Recording

Longer Backup

Upto 90 days

Night Vision Recorder

Crystal Clear Clarity

360 oTotal Security Services

Widenet Access Control Systems

KeyLess Dore Entry.

Fingerprint Door Access

Complete BMS Solution.

Home Automation System

CCTV System Can Monitor The Interior and Exterior Of A Premises, Transmitting The Captured Signal To A Set Of Monitors.

Antenna Tagging System

Ensure Safety in Your Surroundings

Where Caution Blends with Technology!

The best way to keep yourself safe is to be aware of your surroundings. The more familiar you are with your tasks and workplace, the more aware you’ll be of the potential hazards. Knowing your surroundings and being aware of potential hazards will help you and your co-workers avoid unnecessary or dangerous situations.

360 o Total Security Services

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Latest Devices

Unbelievable Results

Pandemic Preventive Solutions

As the Covid-19 pandemic deepen, numerous businesses look for various pandemic preventive solutions to help flatten the curve. With companies, schools and several other organizations restarting its operations. Nowadays it is pivotal for all of us to feel safe and confident in our work space. We overpass the space and provide reliable solutions to reduce the spread of the virus. It can be achieved by a team of highly qualified and experienced team of Widenet. Our pandemic precautionary remedies are helping to promote a contactless surroundings for all. We took prestige in providing a top efficient preventive solution, which consists mainly contact to contactless solutions, body temperature detection and alarm, and management solution for the user capacity of indoor premises.

Our customized solutions are suitable for small and large scale organization, which can enable employees to safe and secure return to their workplace. It is also ideal to use multiple sectors which are schools, restaurants, retail stores, and shopping malls. They can provide confidence to their employees and visitors feeling safe and comfortable with our Touchless solutions. Furthermore, preventing the spread of contagion. Our contact-free fever detection solution will easily detect the body temperature of people who entering the building, whereas, through the occupancy control system, you have complete control over the number of people visiting the premises. To learn more about information, our service, contact our team and we’ll gladly assist you immediately.

Artificial Intelligence Surveillance Solutions UAE

Video surveillance or CCTV act for the largest industry of the security technology. It is mainly used to observe and monitor a particular area where installed. It is connected to a recording device or an IP network to monitor through a control room. Video surveillance or analysis of data

solutions is used for much more than crime detection, with the help of technology being widely used for traffic and crowd control management. At Widenet UAE, We are regularly updating our range of products and solutions by quantifying the needs of each industry and crafting tailored action plans to satisfy the desired results. Customers can rely on us to get them advanced AI-based surveillance equipment which is durable and advanced quality as well as cost-effective. To know more about the products and solution which we can offer and to receive a customized commercial offer, according to your requirements, get in touch with our team today it.

Leading by Innovation

An innovation is an idea that has been transformed into practical reality. Technological innovation is a new or improved product or process whose technological features are substantially different from the before. Implemented technological product innovations are new products (product innovations) or processes in application (process innovations) that have been brought to market. Technology has deeply pervade every aspect of our lives, changing how we work, how we learn and how we shop. It’s undeniable that our devices begin to reflect our civic aspirations, our desires connect with others and to contribute to the world around us. In general, when innovative technology attempts to solve problems of matter, energy, space, or time, it is successful. When it attempts to solve human problems of the mind, communication, ability, etc.

Security at Every Step

Safety is our Watchword

Apps That Supports

Apps That Warn

Technology Supports Security


Access Control Systems are crucial to have, as the current world scenario demands an access control solution that can safeguard you from an unauthorized access & trespassers.

User Friendly Gadgets

Legendary Support

Wi Fi Cameras

Wireless security cameras are often more ideal for renters, people new to home security, or those on a budget. Not only are wireless security cameras less expensive than wired systems, but they’re also easier to move and transport

Night Vision Cameras

Night vision cameras provide the protection you need and act as a deterrent against crimes like theft, burglaries, and vandalism. Rely on the trusted night vision camera technology to monitor and record your surroundings, so you can feel protected from the unknown.

Infrared Cameras

An infrared camera is a non-contact temperature measurement device. Infrared cameras detect the infrared energy emitted, transmitted or reflected by all materials — at temperatures above absolute zero, (0°Kelvin)– and converts the energy factor into a temperature reading or thermogram. A thermogram is the thermal image displayed by the camera of the object which is emitting, transmitting or reflecting the infrared energy. This is also called thermography.


Access Control Systems are crucial to have, as the current world scenario demands an access control solution that can safeguard you from an unauthorized access & trespassers.

SAFETY 24/7, 365
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